Become a Firefighter in Nebraska

NebraskaNebraska has a lot of open land, cornfields, and places where brush fires can spring up without warning. This means that the firefighters here have to be fast, smart, courageous and ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you want to become one of the brave men and women who fight fires in the state, you need to make sure that you have the right training, and you need to be sure that you can meet the requirements to get the job. Although schools with degrees in fire science might not be required, they can be helpful in your endeavors, as you will see.

How to Become a Firefighter in Nebraska

You will want to look for openings in the fire departments. You can check websites or contact the department to ask about their hiring process as well as when they are accepting applications. When you find departments that are accepting, you will need to apply and then be scheduled for your first exam. The first exam is written, and you want to do as good as possible so you can make it to the next round.

If you pass the written exam, you will be able to take the physical exam, which measures your strength and endurance. The third exam, at least for the Omaha department, is a human relations video test. Other departments, such as smaller departments in rural areas, may have different requirements.

Featured Schools:

Anna Maria CollegeOnline BS in Fire Science
Eastern Oregon UniversityOnline FSA Degree
Southern New Hampshire UniversityOnline Degrees in Criminal Justice

If you are able to pass the background check and interview, they may offer you a job. You will have medical and psychological testing as well to make sure you are up for the job. The more training you have, the easier it can be to get into one of the departments.

Employment Trends for Firefighters

Getting into the fire department isn’t always easy, and the jobs don’t open up as much as some might like. You might find that it is easier to pass your exams and get hired when you attend programs and colleges that offer firefighting courses and fire science degrees.

Salary and Employment Facts

The salary for a firefighter who works in Nebraska is about $47,000 per year. Other states may have higher wages, but you will find that the cost of living is quite low in the state.

Firefighter Activity in the News

Recent storms throughout the Midwest, including Nebraska, have been in the news lately. This has led firefighters to have to make some rescues during the storm, and it has led to brushfires that the departments have to contend with as well.