National Fire Protection Association

Joining the National Fire Protection Association

The National Fire Protection Association is very important to firefighters as well as to the general public. The association, established in 1896, has a goal of reducing fires and hazards by offering codes and standards, education, training, and research. They are the world leader when it comes to advocating for fire prevention and fire safety. They’ve developed more than 300 codes and standards meant to reduce fires and similar hazards. In all, the National Fire Protection Association has more than 70,000 members, including some firefighters. Those who are interested in becoming members will find that they will be able to make a number of professional connections, and they will even be able to get technical support for their own roles. Joining the association …[the NFPA] has a goal of reducing fires and hazards by offering codes and standards, education, training, and research”makes it easier for them to get the help they need and the knowledge they require, and it keeps them as up to date as possible on developments in fire safety and prevention. By keeping on top of the field, it provides members with the help they need to take the right actions.

Joining the National Fire Protection Association costs only $165 per year. Members will also receive a subscription to the NFPA Journal, which is a full color bimonthly publication. The publication provides you with news in fire and building safety in a host of different industries. The journal also includes code developments, articles, and much more. Only members of the association are going to have access to the journal.

Being a member also means that you can get help if you have any questions about the codes and standards. You even get to speak to a building, fire, electrical, or life safety specialist so you can be sure that you understand the code properly. Members also receive 10% off NFPA products and services, and they are able to vote and help develop codes and standards.

Not all firefighters or specialists are members of the NFPA, but it can be a great boost to your career if you are. The more you can learn about fire safety and the more you know about the codes the better off you will be. It can also help lead to a career in other areas, such as a fire inspector. Consider all of the benefits of joining, check out the National Fire Protection Association site, and then determine if it is going to be worthwhile for you to become a member.

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