What is Fire Science

Are you considering going to school and earning a fire science degree? Some of the questions that you are likely to have include, “what is fire science and how can it help a career?” Taking these classes can be a great option for those who are already firefighters as well as those who want to get a job as a firefighter.

What is Fire ScienceAnyone who is starting to look at the various schools available is likely to wonder what types of classes and lessons they will learn when they start their journey toward a degree. You will discover that the training is going to encompass many different areas, and you will learn everything you need about fire so you can get started in the field. Here are some of the things that you will learn.

You will learn more about fire in general, as well as what it is and how it behaves and how to prevent fires. Understand how fire behaves in different conditions and with different types of fuel. Learn how fire will react to wind, differing levels of oxygen and fuel, and more. You will learn the best ways to extinguish the fires as well. For example, fighting a chemical fire is going to be quite a bit different from fighting a wildfire. The more you can learn about these things, the better off you are going to be with your firefighting career.

Featured Schools:

Anna Maria CollegeOnline BS in Fire Science
Eastern Oregon UniversityOnline FSA Degree
Southern New Hampshire UniversityOnline Degrees in Criminal Justice
What is Fire Science – Fire Scene Investigation

Fire scene investigation is going to be a part of most curriculums as well, and this is great for anyone who wants to go on to become a fire investigator. You will learn how to access a fire scene so you can find the origin of the blaze and if someone started the fire purposely and used accelerants. You will be able to unfold the mystery of how the fire spread through the area, and you can be instrumental in finding and putting arsonists behind bars.

…taking [fire science] classes can be a great option for those who are already firefighters”In addition, you may learn about fire codes, proper handling of hazardous material, and precautions that people and businesses must take in order to remain safer from fire. Many schools also teach administration duties, how to read blueprints, and more in their classes. All of these things can help to serve you better in your career, and they are all important when you are getting a degree in fire science.

Start looking for a great school today and make sure you take your studies seriously. If you want to do well in a career in firefighting or fire prevention, understanding what is fire science and having a degree is the best way to do just that.