Become a Firefighter in Montana

MontanaMontana has a lot of flat, open expanses, and that means that the possibility of brush fires is high. Of course, structural fires are dangerous too, and it takes a special type of person to willing to fight these fires. If you believe you have what it takes to become a firefighter in Montana, then you should look at the requirements and start preparing. It isn’t an easy job, but it does offer many rewards. You do not need a degree to become a firefighter, but you do need to have a good head on your shoulders.

How to Become a Firefighter in Montana

You have to be at least 18 years old if you hope to become a firefighter in Montana. If you aren’t 18 quite yet, now is a good time to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the exams that will come. You also have to have a driver’s license as well as a high school diploma or GED.

You will have to take a written test as well as a physical test. You take the written test first, and if you pass the written portion, you will be able to proceed to the physical test. Once you pass the testing, you will be able to start looking at all of the requirements for the various departments that are hiring. They may have different requirements for training, such as at an academy, and further testing, and you need to know this when you apply.

Featured Schools:

Anna Maria CollegeOnline BS in Fire Science
Eastern Oregon UniversityOnline FSA Degree
Southern New Hampshire UniversityOnline Degrees in Criminal Justice

Employment Trends for Firefighters

Finding employment as a firefighter in Montana might not be easy, but you will find that it is possible with perseverance. Even though the rate of growth for the job is slow right now, if you attend schools and colleges that offer fire science degrees, then you can improve your chance of getting hired. Having your EMT certification is another step in the right direction. Look for the programs that will be able to help make you a better candidate.

Salary and Employment Facts

The average salary for a firefighter working in Montana today is $56,000 per year. This is a great salary, especially given the lower cost of living in many places throughout the state.

Firefighter Activity in the News

Firefighters from Helena, Montana recently took a trip to the Pacific Northwest, where they competed in an event to scale nearly 70 stories up Columbia Tower. The Helena firefighters were able to raise $4,600 for a children’s cancer charity.