Become a Firefighter in Michigan

MichiganFirefighters in Michigan will have to deal with a number of different types of fires and rescues. They may be working a structure fire one day and a forest fire the next. Because of the snowy climate, rescues on the ice and in the snow are common as well. It can be a very demanding job, but those who become Michigan firefighters find that it is worth the long hours and hard work.

How to Become a Firefighter in Michigan

You need to be 18 years old and a member of a Michigan Fire Department in some capacity, or a pre-service student registered at one of the regional training centers in order to become a firefighter in the state. Different departments will have different requirements, so it is important that you check to see the requirements of the fire department for which you want to work. You will usually have to take a written exam, as well as a physical test and an oral interview with a board.

It can take quite a while for all of the testing, and the training that you will have to do. Once you are able to go through academy training and you can find work, you may want to look for other programs and courses to take that can give you an advantage when you are trying to rise through the ranks.

Employment Trends for Firefighters

Even though you don’t need to have a degree, you will find that the smart candidates are starting to look for colleges and schools that can offer fire science degrees. They know that the job competition is tough, and having a degree can make it easier to get a good job, and easier to advance.

Salary and Employment Facts

Becoming a firefighter is a sure way to a good salary, even though the work is difficult and the hours can be long. Firefighters who are working in Michigan have an average salary of $52,000 per year.

Firefighter Activity in the News

In Dearborn, MI recently, a group of firefighters were on the roof of a building as it started to collapse. This is a very dangerous spot for any firefighter, but fortunately, all of the firefighters were safe in this case. Something that makes this situation a bit different is that the entire incident was caught on film thanks to the news helicopter that was above the scene.

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