Become a Firefighter in Maryland

MarylandWhile Maryland might be a small state, it has a need for quality men and women to step up and become firefighters in all of the communities in the state. If you believe you have what it takes to don the garb of a firefighter and battle blazes as you protect lives and property, then start looking into the things that you will need for the job. It isn’t easy to become a firefighter in Maryland or anywhere else, but you will find that the rewards make the journey well worth your time.

How to Become a Firefighter in Maryland

You need to have either a high school diploma or a GED if you want to become a firefighter in Maryland, and you have to be at least 18 years old. You may want to talk with some of the firefighters from a local fire station, and even volunteer around the station to get an idea of what firefighters do.

You will then want to find a training academy that will be able to give you the skills that you need as a firefighter. The academy training can take a number of weeks, and it is rigorous training.

Another thing that can help you when you are applying and looking for a job at a fire department is a degree. Find schools that offer fire science degrees and programs. Having more education is always going to be a good thing. It can help you advance faster in the department, and it can help you land a job in the first place.

Featured Schools:

Anna Maria CollegeOnline BS in Fire Science
Eastern Oregon UniversityOnline FSA Degree
Southern New Hampshire UniversityOnline Degrees in Criminal Justice

Employment Trends for Firefighters

Since the average growth rate nationally for the job of firefighter is at 9%, you can be sure that a number of people are going to be competing for the same position as you. Going to colleges that have fire science programs and getting EMT certified are both things that can help you stand apart from the rest of the applicants.

Salary and Employment Facts

Firefighters who are working in Maryland have an average salary of about $58,000 per year. This is quite an impressive salary, and you can see why so many people want to become firefighters in the state.

Firefighter Activity in the News

Firefighters are among the most appreciated people in the country no matter where you go. In Maryland, the Susquehanna Hose Company recently honored a number of local firefighters with a banquet and awards.