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The purpose for the development of this website is to promote the importance of furthering the training and education of firefighters. Individuals with advanced training are more well-equiped to handle the hazardous conditions faced by firefighters on a daily basis. In addition, earning a degree in fire science or a related degree, such as emergency management, will give an individual an edge over other firefighters when other career opportunities surface.

A visitor to this website will have access to the information and resources necessary to start the process of pursuing a career in the field. First, a number of different resources are available that explain the steps that are required in order to become a fire fighter in a given state. Also, visitors will have access to career-related information, such as how one may become an EMS firefighter. Finally, lists of colleges and other educational resources are provided so individuals that are serious about becoming a firefighter may get started in their pursuit of a career in the field immediately.

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We welcome constructive suggestions or recommendations from our visitors that lead to the improvement of fire science schools. Please send an email to contact (at) fire-science-schools (dot) com if you have any questions or comments.

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